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Frequently Asked Questions on Dragon Assistant:

Can I use my own microphone with Dragon Assistant?

Dragon Assistant is specially designed to work with the built-in array microphones on your machine and is the recommended choice for the best user experience.

Users may also use an external microphone, such as USB microphones or Bluetooth devices however the quality of these microphones and therefore the user experience may vary. The microphone being used must be selected as the default device in the Windows Operating System.

What applications does Dragon Assistantinteract with?

You can use your speech to interact with Facebook, Twitter, Windows Media Player, iTunes, Skype and Internet Explorer and more. Configure Dragon Assistant to work with your favorite e-mail and calendaring applications. You can also use your speech to search the web using Google, Bing or Yahoo.

What other kinds of thing can I do with Dragon Assistant?

You can control your computer and dictate into certain applications. To control your computer you can say things like: “increase the volume” and “decrease the volume”. To find out more, you can ask Dragon Assistant, “what can I say?”, and it will tell you.

What applications can I dictate into?

Just about any! The best way to find out is to try it. Place your computer cursor in an area you would normally type into, then start dictation by a configurable hotkey. With next generation Dragon Assistant, you can start dictation by voice or double clicking or double tapping the icon as well..

Is there a limit on how much I can dictate into an application?

There is a 30 second limit that applies to dictating into a supported application for Dragon Assistant v1.5x. For the next generation Dragon Assistant (v3.x), it can detect end of speech up to 60 second increments.

How do I get Dragon Assistantto listen to me?

Sometimes Dragon Assistant goes to “sleep”. It does this so it doesn’t pick up any conversations you might be having that aren’t with it. To “wake” Dragon Assistant up, just say “Hello Dragon”. If you want to use your fingers to wake Dragon Assistant, just click on the icon, or use a wake-up hotkey.

To make Dragon go to sleep say “Go to sleep”.

Can I have Dragon Assistant and Dragon Naturally Speaking on the same machine?

Yes you can. You can install Dragon NaturallySpeaking on a machine that also has Dragon Assistant however you can’t run both applications at the same time. If you are running Dragon Assistant and you launch Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the Dragon Assistant will exit.

Can I use my Exchange with Dragon Assistant?

Dragon Assistant 1.5 supports integration to Exchange server through the Outlook 2013 client application only.